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‘Design, Engineer & Deliver’

Luke Hughes comprises a team of specialists who design, engineer and deliver furniture for notable buildings. Their combined actions define and fulfil the needs of clients by providing tailored or bespoke furniture for places of learning, business, worship, culture & leisure.

Since its inception in London’s Covent Garden in 1981, the company has been shaped by the vision of its eponymous founder and grown into an organisation dedicated to keeping buildings relevant in a rapidly changing world whilst maintaining their architectural integrity and evoking their genuine character. Accordingly, the aim is for the furniture to appear as though it has always been there; the building is the stage and the contents bring it to life.

Knowledge and experience gained over the decades has informed a unique relationship between craftwork and industrial production. Designs are always respectful of context, striving to be accomplished, discreet and restrained. Moreover, calculated adaptability provides the potential for multiple uses and therefore an enhanced commercial prospect.

The particular skill of Luke Hughes is to see beyond the immediate needs of a project in order to deliver lasting value for owners. This extends to collaborating with other professionals who are part of that process.

A focus on sustainability is fundamental to the Luke Hughes approach. Social responsibility and recyclability are integral to every step of development while carefully chosen materials minimise environmental impact. An extended product life cycle reduces strain on the world’s resources by keeping carbon locked up for as long as possible. Luke Hughes products are designed for a 50-100 year life.

Past and future clients share an understanding of the difference between price and value. They invest for the long term, which ultimately carries a lower cost and a higher return. Through making buildings more efficient, by using spaces more effectively and prioritising flexibility, the client is able to optimise their assets. The commitment goes well beyond the duration of the initial purchase; the aim is to create a partnership for life.

Luke Hughes provides sustainable, rewarding & lasting solutions for clients in Europe, Asia & America.

Our client list is our witness, the performance of the spaces within buildings our legacy.

Philosophy + Approach

Learn about the unique approach we take in order to design 'furniture in architecture’.

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Our clients

As a team, we design, engineer and deliver furniture for notable buildings, providing bespoke solutions to fulfil the needs of our clients.

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The value proposition

We understand the difference between value and price, and guarantee the best long-term solution for your project.

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chairs on a furniture cart


A look at our journey so far, and our landmark projects.

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spa seating and rush chairs


The latest updates from Luke Hughes HQ.

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