A breadth of sector expertise and experience

boardroom table


We understand how people use and move through corporate spaces.

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Cathedral furniture

Places of worship

Furnishing churches for use today is about much more than choosing suitable chairs or stacking pews for the nave.

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Oxbridge college


We understand the complexities and constraints involved in making institutional spaces work harder for the end user.

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spa relaxation beds


Over the past decade we have designed and made relaxation beds for more than 50 international hotels and health resorts.

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Bespoke furniture

No two rooms are the same; no two clients are identical. Furniture designed to meet specific demands and made using standard principles of construction adds greater value than off-the-shelf- products.

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Spatial engineering

People do not stay in empty buildings long. The design and placing of furniture, if well done, can transform the use of a building.

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The careful selection of high quality materials, sustainably sourced, is key to a 21st century project.

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