Royal Grammar School, Guildford


In 2009, the historic Royal Grammar School in Guildford celebrated its 500th anniversary as one of the country’s premier educational establishments. The school is well known for its focus on scholarly pursuits and in addition, to providing first class facilities to its student body.

To honour this commitment to its students and this important milestone, the school commissioned Luke Hughes to re-imagine the furnishings of its Great Chamber. The brief included providing space for school events, lectures, plays and concerts whilst preserving the significant architectural surroundings of the space.

Taking our classic Downing chair as a starting point, we worked with both the team at the school and the character of the space itself to personalise and refine the design. Each of the 100 final chairs, crafted in solid Beech with a clear matt lacquer finish, was finished with leaf green leather upholstery and an embossed, gilded crest. In addition, each chair was sponsored by a friend of the school, their contribution celebrated by a polished, etched brass commemorative disk.

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