The Leathersellers’ Hall


In early 2017, the new Leathersellers' Hall in the City of London officially opened. 

Apart from the original 20th century facade, the project was a new build designed by Eric Parry Architects, and boasts an unusual yet luxurious combination of materials and finishes. 

The Luke Hughes team was commissioned to design and manufacture a new livery hall court table in walnut, and new library furniture. In addition the company's historic furniture was refurbished, and the original mahogany dining hall tables re-engineered in such a way that they can now be effortlessly folded away, stored, rearranged and reconfigured. 

This project joins a growing number of Livery Halls the team has worked on, including those of the Mercers, the Fishmongers and the Carpenters.

The project has since won a RIBA London Award 2017.

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