St Catharine’s College, Cambridge


St Catharine’s College in Cambridge is often noted for its beautiful open court and its well-preserved Classical architecture. With approximately 550 students and 70 fellows the college is at the bustling heart of the university.

The Ramsden Room, finished in the early part of the 18th century, has recently been renovated and is now an important addition to the college’s conference facilities. Luke Hughes® was commissioned to design a family of furniture that would complement the newly refurbished space. 42 of our signature Folio chairs were crafted in European oak solids and veneers with a deep navy leather upholstery. In addition 8 specially enlarged Athena folding tables were designed with ‘quirk’ detail to the table edge. 6 folding coffee tables were also designed as well as a concealed table storage unit to stow both sets of folded tables.

To better serve its conference events a 3-bay AV unit on castors was designed to be concealed at the back of the room. Oak cladding was also added to a metal bookcase to allow it to sit in harmony with the new furniture.

Photos courtesy of St Catharine’s College

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