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Product Description


Luke Hughes Charterhouse stackable benches and church pews are available as a straight 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-seater. We also offer 2-seat curved stackable benches. Stackable benches are the ideal replacement for church pews, which are almost always fixed and, therefore, completely inflexible. Stacking benches revolutionise the flexibility and versatility of churches. Stacking benches are therefore the central investment in any re-ordering, with a clearly identifiable return on investment and wonderful opportunities for fundraising from individuals and members of the congregation. We also offer a Charterhouse chair, with or without arms. Unlike church pews, Charterhouse are easily carried, stacked and set out by two people - meaning these beautiful stackable benches can quickly be reconfigured or stored away using our bench dolly to provide clear areas for different activities.

Clearing even a large church or cathedral, Charterhouse stacking benches takes just minutes when our uniquely engineered bench dolly is used. This offers safe stacking, transport and storage of five Charterhouse stacking benches, whether curved or straight. When budgeting for stackable benches, therefore, it is advisable to budget for one pair of bench dollies for every five benches of the same length. Please note that, with the exception of the 1-seater stacking version, benches with arms can only go on the top of a stack.

Like all our products, Charterhouse stacking benches are engineered for a lifespan of 50 or more years, which makes them comparable with church pews in terms of length of service, but clearly they provide much greater flexibility. All our benches are also designed to be refurbished, helping to ensure that they last for decades. This also helps ensure that carbon remains locked up for as long as possible.

Larger synagogues, churches and cathedrals can find that they have ten or more pairs of bench dollies and the question then arises as to where and how to store them when they're not in use. The answer is the Luke Hughes dolly cart. Our bench dolly cart is designed to fit 10-20 pairs of bench dolly and is fitted with heavy duty castors. It is felt-lined and slotted to ensure that bench dollies can be stored and removed easily and repeatedly without damage, wear or tear.

Two different types of under-seat bookshelf can also be specified as add-alts. These do not affect the benches' stacking capability. Architects, designers and clients have the option to specify from five standard finishes and five standard lengths. 


Technical Specification Charterhouse Stacking Church Pews


Made from solid European Oak of the highest quality and sourced from sustainable forests, Charterhouse stacking benches come in five different sizes and five different finishes as standard. A 2-seat curved version is also available, which is ideal for “service-in-the-round”.

Clients, architects and designers can specify linking/ganging brackets and custom stains on special request. Felt glides can also be specified on the Charterhouse stacking bench/church pew.


Charterhouse 2 Seat Straight

Luke_Hughes_Dim_Dwg__CHARTERHOUSE 2S NA

Charterhouse 3 Seat Straight

Luke_Hughes_Dim_Dwg__CHARTERHOUSE 3S NA

Charterhouse 4 Seat Straight

Luke_Hughes_Dim_Dwg__CHARTERHOUSE 4S NA

Charterhouse 5 Seat Straight

Luke_Hughes_Dim_Dwg__CHARTERHOUSE 5S NA