An iconic mid-century modern chair
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The Iconic Mid-Century Modern Chair


The iconic Coventry mid-century modern chair design was originally commissioned from acclaimed British furniture designer Dick Russell by Sir Basil Spence for Coventry Cathedral, and was later selected to furnish churches and cathedrals across the world. 


Now reengineered and revived by Luke Hughes more than 50 years later, the Coventry chair is a true icon of post-war mid-century modern design and a symbol of revival and longevity. The Coventry mid-century modern chair features at the Chapel of the Resurrection, at Valparaiso University, IN, itself an iconic mid-century modern piece of architecture modelled on Sir Basil Spence's post-war redesign of Coventry Cathedral.


Like all our chairs, the Coventry mid-century chair is engineered for a 30-50+ year lifespan. All our chairs are also designed to be refurbished, helping to ensure that they can pass from generation to generation for decades. This all helps to ensure that carbon remains locked up for as long as possible.


Technical Specification


Made from solid European Oak of the highest quality and sourced from sustainable forests, the Coventry mid-century modern chair now comes in two different sizes and five different finishes as standard. Clients, architects and designers can specify linking/ganging brackets and custom stains on special request. Felt glides can also be specified on the Coventry mid-century modern chair.

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