LH-42 Commercial Bar Stool

Timeless and contemporary bar stool stablemate of the LH-42 diner chair and café chair

Product Description


When we designed the LH-42 diner chair and café chair for Pelli Clarke Pelli’s 76 Trinity Place tower in downtown Manhattan, we needed a counter-height commercial bar stool for the community kitchens and commons situated through the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of the podium.

The LH-42B counter-height commercial bar stool was designed from the outset to be a timeless yet contemporary stool, equally at home in the kitchen and the café.

The exact form and position of its steam-curved solid oak backrest is the result of a new type of ergonomic modelling developed by and still unique to Luke Hughes. The result is a sublimely comfortable bar stool ideal for home working, meeting rooms and conference rooms.

When it comes to practicality, the LH-42B/01 has a ply seat and has been tested to withstand the rigours of everyday life in home, commercial bar stool and contract furniture environments.

The LH-42B/03 has a lacquered seat that can be specified in any RAL colour, making it capably of matching any colour a professional specifier may need.

The LH-42/09 has an upholstered seat, finished in finest Scottish leather. The leather and fabric we supply is CAL117 rated. Clients wishing to select their own material (COM) must specify a commercial grade fabric suitable for upholstery and local fire codes.

These seat combinations make the LH-42B an ideal commercial bar stool for home, café, or hospitality use.

Like all our chairs, the LH-42B bar stool is engineered for a 30-50+ year lifespan. Its solid European Oak frame, sourced from sustainable forests, gives it a potential lifespan measured in decades. It has also been designed to be refurbished, helping to ensure that it can pass from generation to generation. This all helps to ensure that carbon remains locked up for as long as possible.


Technical Specifications


We manufacture the LH-42B in European Oak because it is tough, wears better than any other timber, and offers the shortest possible distance from forest to mill to workshop. Using European Oak also means the frame of the LH-42 commercial bar stool offers exceptional strength.

The LH-42B commercial bar stool range comprises 3 different seat types and five different frame finishes as standard. Technically a standard product, the LH-42B commercial bar stool is effectively a completely custom bar stool thanks to the near limitless array of possible permutations seat colour and its five frame finishes.

LH-42 Commercial Bar Stool

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