Bench Dollies & Transport Dollies

Product Description


Luke Hughes Charterhouse stacking benches and church pews can be quickly and safely placed, moved and stored on Luke Hughes bench dollies and transport dollies. These handed pairs of dollies are able to transport a stack of five, maximum six benches at a time. They come with robust soft-rubber castors, four per dolly, each easily able to take the weight of the benches they carry. They are stable when placed on the floor, roll easily, and the inset locator holes exactly fit the front and back legs of all Charterhouse stacking benches.

This means you only ever need order multiples of the same item. To calculate the number of Charterhouse bench dollies required, divide the total number of benches you need by five. If you have more than a few you will benefit from the Charterhouse bench dolly storage cart, which enables you to store and move up to 10 or 20 pairs of benches of Charterhouse bench dollies when they are not in use.


Technical Specifications


Our bench transport dollies are made in heavy duty marine play and hardwood, finished in a satin black paint. They are each fitted with four heavy duty rubberised castors, two of which can be locked, and allow for easy, quiet movement over solid floors. If they are to be used exclusively on carpet hard nylon castors can be requested, but these can damage or mark floorboards and are therefore on special request only.

A black rubber strip is fitted all the way around our transport dollies to ensure that minor bumps do not affect either the dolly or what it has come into contact with.