Chair Dollies

Product Description

Luke Hughes chair dollies are an essential accessory if you want to move or store your Luke Hughes stacking chair safely and easily. As each chair is different, Luke Hughes bench dollies are designed to fit specific models of chair. This ensure that the rake angle enables the chair stack to rise as vertically as possible without overloading the lower chairs in the stack.


Luke Hughes stacking chairs should never be dragged. Placing the first stacking chair on the dolly enables the dolly to be manoeuvred easily, allowing 4, maximum 5 further chairs to be stacked. With the exception of the LH-42 café / dining chair, which offers higher density stacking, dollies are not designed to carry more than 6 chairs at the absolute maximum, with a stack of 5 being the recommended day-to-day number. 


Technical Specification

Luke Hughes chair dollies are made in heavy duty marine play and hardwood, finished in a satin black paint. They are each fitted with 4 heavy duty rubberised castors, two of which can be locked, and allow for easy, quiet movement over solid floors. If they are to be used exclusively on carpet hard nylon castors can be requested, but these can damage or mark floorboards and are therefore on special request only. A black rubber strip is fitted all the way around the dolly to ensure that minor bumps do not affect either the dolly or what it has come into contact with. The recommended maximum stack is 5 chairs per dolly. A stack of 6 chairs is the absolute maximum but may require two people to handle, and only the LH-42 café / dining chair can stack to 6 as standard and up to a maximum of 8 for the ply seat version. Exact specifications vary per chair model: