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Luke Hughes design, engineer and deliver exceptional furniture. Our furniture customisation approach enables us to provide quality custom design furniture that connects seamlessly with a building’s architecture, providing practical solutions that delight the eye and reward the user. Every piece of Luke Hughes furniture is built to last and add value over many years as a considered addition to the environment in which it is placed.










Modelled on the iconic Dick Russell design for Coventry Cathedral, we have re-engineered and refined the construction of this Mid-century Modern classic for modern production and current-day ergonomics.

The simplicity of the Coventry chair allows it to sit in both traditional and contemporary architectural spaces with ease. 

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Our design criteria


Architectural style

From classical to contemporary, we create timeless designs that read as a seamless part of the architecture they help to revitalise and bring to life.


If you want to waste resources by buying new furniture every few years, don't come to us. We engineer furniture designed to last generations.

Sustainability & material choices

Sustainability, from the selection and use of sustainable and recyclable materials to circular business models, is integral to everything we do.


We guarantee to deliver on budget, so advising on and agreeing budget and value-engineering are things we talk about from the outset.

Logistics, delivery & installation

We deliver and install worldwide, so factoring the practical realities of delivery, site access, packing sequence and install are all factored into our designs.

Operational needs

Keeping notable buildings relevant for decades is all about designing versatile furniture that meets the needs of those who must use it. We spend time understanding those needs with the users themselves.

What our clients say

The Jin-dynasty poet, Tao Yuanming, wrote in “The Peach Blossom Land” about a fisherman who stumbled on a magical village where, on entering, visitors lose their sense of time and forget to leave. That is what the library feels like. One of our G11 students commented “there must be magic glue on the carpet - I can’t seem to want to leave!”"

Kacy Song | Director of Libraries, Keystone Academy, Beijing

Outstanding. Not a blemish. Delighted. Many thanks.

Ian Ritchie | Principal & Founding Partner, Ian Ritchie Architects

Thanks to you and the whole Luke Hughes team for a superb job. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you and ... we are delighted with the result.

Project Manager | St Mary's Church, Ealing, UK

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