Athena D-end

D-end table to match the Athena folding table range
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Product Description Athena dining table


The Athena D-end half-round dining table provides added flexibility to the Athena range. It can be deployed as added capacity at the end of a conference table or used as a console or serving table to better utilise wall space. Two Athena D-ends can be combined to form a circular table. Each has laid-straight veneer as standard. Radial veneer is an additional price option. The Athena has been used in a range of academic projects, including Wolfson College, Cambridge and Birmingham University.  


Technical Specification - Athena D-end Dining Table


The Athena D-end dining table is designed to match the dimensions of its sister Athena folding tables so that the straight size of the Athena D-end dining table always exactly matches a single Athena lengthways or two Athena folding tables end-on.



Luke_Hughes_Dim_Dwg__ATHENA 1500 D END


Luke_Hughes_Dim_Dwg__ATHENA 1600 D END


Luke_Hughes_Dim_Dwg__ATHENA 1700 D END


Luke_Hughes_Dim_Dwg__ATHENA 1800 D END

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