Smithfield Narrow Chair

The ideal high-capacity dining hall chair with narrower frame
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Product Description


The Smithfield is a narrow chair originally designed to solve a capacity and space constraint for a well-known institutional client in London. Its narrower frame and open back allow more seats to be fitted in the same space.

The Smithfield is based on the narrower frame of the Newnham chair, with subtle and careful changes to the design of the back leg carrying a single Lincoln-style back rail. The new, deeper back rail on the Smithfield narrow chair is the perfect size for a laser etched emblem or logo, while the rear seat rail can still hold a 31mm diameter commemorative disc, a feature that our clients have used to great effect to raise funds for the purchase of their new Smithfield chairs.

At just 17¼" (438mm) across, the narrower frame of the Smithfield chair makes it ideal for dining commons and meeting rooms, and K9-12 and private public and prep schools, where a narrower frame is needed for younger users or to maximise capacity in a restricted space. Like all our chairs, the Smithfield chair is engineered for a 30-50+ year lifespan. All our chairs are also designed to be refurbished, helping to ensure that they can pass from generation to generation for decades. This all helps to ensure that carbon remains locked up for as long as possible.


Technical Specifications


Made from European Oak of the highest quality and sourced from sustainable forests, the Smithfield narrow chair comes with the finest Scottish leather upholstery as standard.

Alternatively, architects and designers can specify any suitable commercial-grade fabric. Clear matt lacquer and four standard stain colours are available as standard. Felt glides can also be specified, depending on whether the narrow chair is to sit on a solid floor or carpet.

The leather and fabric we supply is CAL117 rated. Clients wishing to select their own material (COM) must specify a commercial grade fabric suitable for upholstery and local fire codes.

Smithfield Narrow Chair