Winchester Neoclassical Chair

Stacking neoclassical chair

Product Description


The Winchester stacking neoclassical chair with upholstered seat and back was originally designed for Wolfson College, Cambridge and later adapted to our narrower Downing frame, which is the form you see it in here.

Like all our chairs, the Winchester stacking neoclassical chair is engineered for a 30-50+ year lifespan. All our chairs are also designed to be refurbished, helping to ensure that they can pass from generation to generation for decades. This all helps to ensure that carbon remains locked up for as long as possible.

The slender top rail makes pulling the chair out from a table easy and generally aids handling, making the Winchester the ideal neoclassical dining chair for residential and commercial café use. The original can be found in the Cellarium Café at Westminster Abbey, where they have been subject to heavy tourist traffic for nearly 10 years without any maintenance or refinishing being required.


Technical Specifications


Made in solid European Oak sourced from sustainable forests and upholstered in the finest Scottish leather as standard, the Winchester stacking neoclassical chair has a separate top rail that makes it very easy to pull the chair out from a table. This makes it ideal for cafeterias and restaurants that require something a little more formal than a café chair, but more practical than a readers chair.

The Winchester neoclassical chair stacks five (maximum six) chairs high on a Luke Hughes chair dolly, sold separately.

Options include standard and custom stains and felt or LDPE glides. The leather and fabric we supply is CAL117 rated. Clients wishing to select their own material (COM) must specify a commercial grade fabric suitable for upholstery and local fire codes.

Winchester Neoclassical Chair